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New York stand-up comics Devin Keast and Jason Chatfield bring you a weekly show after over 624 hours of hosting a legendary 10:30pm Saturday Mic in the East Village...
New episodes dropping every Saturday night at 10:30pm.



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In your LEFT EAR


Chatfield is a comedian based in New York City. For the last 10 years, he has performed comedy all over the world, including places where they think his Australian accent is a birth defect. You can see him telling his little stage riddles around New York city.
He is also a syndicated cartoonist, appearing daily in 34 countries and is now a published New Yorker Cartoonist. (Ooer.)
He drinks scotch in the bath, and does not know how to dance.




Keast is a comedian based in New York City. Originally from Michigan's thumb region, in 2014, he moved to New York where he does stand-up, nightly, throughout the city.
Devin resides in the city's Riverdale neighborhood where he studies Communication & Government at Manhattan College. No one really knows where he came from, or how old he is.

He drinks prosecco at the Tub Club, and is very good at dancing.

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