well hello there

Well, hello, and welcome to the very first episode of Move On Up with Devin Keast and Jason Chatfield, and boy, do we have a heckuva show for you. 

In this week's episode, we introduce you to what to expect from the show, talk a little about our previous incarnation for the last 2 years as the 10:30pm Saturday night hosts at the Buddha Room/Klimat Lounge in the East Village, and regale you with tales of wonderment for the rest of the time; How we met, who we are, and what lies ahead.

Bear with us, we're just getting our boots on. This weekend's episodes will feature new sponsors, a visit to Mia's colonoscopy, and a wedding! Holy moly. You're in for a treat. 
There might not be a wedding.

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Move on up.


~ Devin & Jason